The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone is a mystery narrative exploration game where a young girl’s spirit looks for a way out in a magical afterlife. The game is made by Happy Volcano and is collaborating with Joost Vandecasteele, who is the story writer. As a way to finish my bachelor curriculum of Digital Arts and Entertainment, I did a 4 month internship working on this game.

During the period of September 2017 – January 2018, I worked on all sorts of various tasks to help around in the creation of the second level of The Almost Gone, “The Suburbs“. The second video as seen above is a small demo of some of the tiles I helped create. In the first tile I created the design and model. Finalisation was done by David Prinsmel. In the second tile, I did some adaptations to the tile and helped with some brainstorming/puzzle design. In the third tile I modelled the police car and the props inside of it, and some small adaptations here and there. The fourth tile is one I designed and modelled myself. The school building inside of the gate is modelled by David.

The biggest challenge of working on this project was The Almost Gone’s art-style. Although it looks simple and straight forward, it has a lot more going for it as you’d think. You have to keep in mind that you must think everything pyramid-shaped composition-wise for your focus of attention. You should think about every tile as a diorama that looks interesting from all 4 angles. There should also be an incentive to turn the tile around, yet you can’t put too much detail in it either.

It was an amazing time working with Happy Volcano. I’ll make sure that I’ll take all these valuable skills I learned from them moving forward.

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